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Structural Engineering


Beicker Consultants, LLC   is a full services structural engineering consulting firm located on the north-side of San Antonio, Texas. We provide structural engineering services for commercial, multi-story office and residential, industrial, and government projects in both the private and public sector throughout the great State of Texas. We have engineering experience in designing buildings constructed out of many materials such as structural steel, cast-in-place concrete, concrete tilt-wall, concrete masonry units (CMU), and wood framing. We provide the necessary construction documents to our clients and work closely with other members of the design team to create a structure that meets their needs, is construction friendly, and cost effective. We also pprovide periodic construction review services for our projects to ensure that the project is being constructed per our plans and that any unforeseen issues are addressed in a timely manner.  Office drafting capabilities include REVIT, AutoCad, and Arris programs too product construction documents for projects.

Construction Engineering


Beicker Consultants, LLC  is a full service structural engineering firm that can provide engineering design services for construction related structural items or issues encountered during the construction of commercial, industrial, or governmental projects. We will work closely with the contractor or other subcontractors to assist with the planning and design for a variety of structures needed to construct the primary structure on a given project. Our ability to provide analytical thinking along with problem solving skills during construction to solve technical field challenges with clarity and imagination can help minimize the impact to the construction schedule and cost of the project, thereby helping the project come in on time and within budget. In addition, our unique ability to understand the integration of a variety of disciplines on a project and how each one might have an impact on the projects allows us to contribute in a way that we are a highly valued member of the design and construction team.  

Structural Investigations


Beicker Consultants, LLC  provides visual investigative services on existing structures that show signs of possible structural integrity loss. We observe the existing condition of a problem area and other items that may play a part in the issue at hand to help determine, in our best professional opinion, what is causing the issue and how to repair the structural member. We use existing plans, field measurements, note observed conditions, and any other information available to us to help put together a technical report to help our client repair the issue and avoid possible recurrences of the problem in the future.